Templok PCM Tile - 24"x24" Size - Case of 36sf (9 Tiles)

Templok PCM Tile - 24"x24" Size - Case of 36sf (9 Tiles)

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FOR COMMERCIAL / INDUSTRIAL / RESIDENTIAL - Suspended Ceilings, Exposed Ceiling, Roofing & Greenhouse Applications

Case of Nine (9) 24"x 24" Tiles = 36sf per Case

Templok PCM Tile uses PHASE CHANGE MATERIALS to absorb and release thermal heat within your building, home or greenhouse naturally.

The product is designed to be laid directly over suspended ceiling tiles in commercial buildings, secured to underside or roof systems and walls in industrial buildings and installed on walls and under crops in agriculture.

Insolcorp offers pre-formulated options to meet your needs based on your thermostat setpoint or agriculture growing zone. 

Templok PCM Tiles are available in 65ºF (18ºC), 72ºF (22ºC), 77ºF (25ºC), and 84ºF (29ºC)

Insolcorp, LLC is a North Carolina company, and our products are Proudly MADE IN USA!