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10% OFF with the Purchase of 3 boxes or more. Use Code NETZERO
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16"x24" - Templok PCM Tile - Case of 48sf (x18 Tiles)

16"x24" - Templok PCM Tile - Case of 48sf (x18 Tiles)

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CASE of 18 Tiles = 48sf per Case

CALL or Email info@insolcorp.com FOR CURRENT LEAD TIMES - Estimated delivery 10/30/22 or try the 24" x 24" tile instead.

Templok PCM Tile uses PHASE CHANGE MATERIALS to absorb and release thermal heat within your building, home or greenhouse naturally. It works to constantly assist your HVAC system and boosts comfort and HVAC savings.

The 16" wide product is designed with extra wide flanges to allow for installation to the surface of framing, secured to side of framing or loose laid between framing. The product can be rotated to fit either 16" or 24" framing layouts. It can also be cut in half on the 24" length to create 12" wide panels for smaller wall cavities.

This product is ideally suited to wall, ceilings and attic installations in residential and commericial applications. If your project involved suspended ceilings, roofing, exposed or other applications we recommend using the standard 24"x24" tiles.

The PCM can be "tuned" to meet your building requirements. Insolcorp offers pre-formulated options to meet your needs. As the space increases in temperature above the design temperature, the PCM will begin to melt and absorb heat (just like ice does inside a cooler). As the temperature drops below the design temperature, the PCM refreezes and releases or re-charges. Allowing you to use less energy, less frequently in summer days and avoid heat use at night in winter.

Templok PCM is available in 18ºC [65ºF] , 22ºC [72ºF] , 25ºC [77ºF] and 29ºC [84ºF]

Insolcorp, LLC is a North Carolina company, and our products are Proudly MADE IN USA!